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Weekend Schedule:


Friday January 12

5-5:30 Philosophy and chanting with Bob and Leslie


5:30-7:30 Asana with Mary 

The Lotus in the Muck. Feel and develop your foundation in asana and bring it to bear on your whole being. Bring your body awareness forward from standing asana to primary balancing. 


Saturday January 13

9-12 Asana with Mary 

Breath, breadth, and vitality while discovering backbends.


1:30-2:30 Chanting with Leslie


2:30-4:30 Asana with Mary  

The Floating Blossom, Rooted. Discover deep presence in restorative asana and pranayama.


Sunday January 14

9-10 Philosophy with Bob 


10-1 Asana with Mary

Wind to Unwind. Embody your potential in revolved asana.


1.5/2 hr classes=$60

3 hr classes=$90

Whole weekend=$325

Weekend Workshop with Mary Reilly

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