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Workshops & Events


Youth and Teen Yoga
with Kara Rosa
Saturday, March 18 - April 15
Teens (ages 13-18): 3-4pm
Youth (ages 6-12): 4-5pm


Our Youth and Teen Yoga program helps kids and teens cultivate a deeper understanding of their body through yoga poses, building self-awareness and confidence. Our fun and dynamic youth classes introduce yoga concepts in an age-appropriate way, supporting emotional development. Our teen classes focus on observation and reflection, quieting the mind, and creating a deeper relationship to self. Our youth 5-week series ends with an (optional) final performance for families. 


Kara Rosa has been practicing yoga for over a decade and her approach to teaching meets students where they are at, allowing progression to happen. With a background in social work, she works towards making yoga accessible to everyBODY and is passionate about sharing yoga as a tool in maintaining the body, mind and spirit.


Course fee: $60 (Equity pricing available)


IYCVT 10th Anniversary 

IYCVT turns 10! Join us for a heartfelt day of events to celebrate our 10th anniversary and to help raise funds for our Scholarship and Community Engagement Fund. We will kick off our celebration with a special class dedicated to the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, followed by a catered lunch, movies of B.K.S. Iyengar, a special performance of asanas by IYCVT students, and a community circle to share our reflections from the last ten years. All are welcome!


Schedule of Events:

10 - 11:30AM: Asana Class with Rebecca

11:45AM - 12:30PM: Catered lunch + movies of BKS Iyengar

12:30 - 1PM: Performance of Asanas

1 - 2PM: Community Circle


Suggested donation: $30

If you'd like to donate a different amount please do so here:

Tittibhasana, M. Reilly.jpg

A Weekend with Mary Reilly
with special guests: 
Leslie Freyberg and Bob Gilbo
Shivaratri Celebration

Friday - Sunday, February 17-19

Join Senior Iyengar teacher Mary Reilly for a weekend of dedicated practice. Mary's teachings will build dynamically over the weekend, interweaving poses dedicated to Lord Siva. On Saturday we will be joined by Leslie Freyberg who will lead us in chanting and Bob Gilbo who will share stories and lore about Lord Siva in celebration of Shivaratri, his birthday.

All classes are geared towards students with an established practice of asana and pranayama. Classes can be taken individually or register for the whole weekend.


Weekend Schedule:


Friday, 6-8 pm: ASANA with Mary

The Dance in the Stillness: employing dynamic stability to bring coherence to mind and body in asana

Saturday 9am-12 pm: ASANA with Mary

Unearthing the Energy of the Bow: Repetition and renewal to bring joy to back bending asana.

1:30pm-3:30pm: PRANAYAMA with Mary 

Letting Go and Letting Be: Creating space for body, breath and mind



stories of Lord Shiva with Bob Gilbo

chanting with Leslie Freyberg 

Sunday 10am-1pm ASANA with Mary

Forward and Up: Exploring forward bends to bring lightness to balances & evenness to the mind.

Mary Reilly began her studies of Iyengar Yoga in Ann Arbor in 1978 as a University of Michigan graduate in Biology. She was among the first yoga teachers in the Midwest to be Iyengar certified and was granted an Intermediate Senior II certificate personally by B.K.S. Iyengar in 2012.  Mary has directed North Woods Yoga, the B.K.S. Iyengar Center of Northern Michigan in Petoskey, Michigan since 1986. She served as Chair of Certification of the Iyengar Yoga National Association from 2000-2014. Mary studies regularly at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute in Pune India. Her teaching lets her love of yoga shine through with enthusiasm as well as clarity and precision. Her goal is to help students overcome their obstacles to achieving their full potential in their yoga practice. 

A longtime Iyengar yoga practitioner, Bob Gilbo studies Hindu philosophy under Satya Narayana Das, mahant of the Jiva Institute in Vrindavan; Ravi Ravindra; and Edwin Bryant at Rutgers University. Bob edited Dr. Bryant's landmark translation and commentary on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (North Point Press, 2009). He has studied Sanskrit since 2004.

Leslie Freyberg has studied Sanskrit extensively with Vyaas Houston (director of the American Sanskrit Institute), Edwin Bryant, John Campbell, Manorama, and Dr. Ram Sharma. She has completed trainings with the renown Sonia Nelson and Deborah Kuryan, who are both students of T.K.V. Desikachar. Leslie continues to study with them under the auspices of the Vedic Chant Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a member of the faculty of the American Sanskrit Institute, Leslie travels nationwide to teach the foundation of the Sanskrit language. Leslie teaches the Iyengar method of āsana and prāṇāyāma as well as Sanskrit and Vedic chanting in her home town of Redding and in Ridgefield, CT. Leslie continues her studies of yoga with Patricia Walden where she enjoys leading Patricia’s students in chanting.

Questions? Contact:

Iyengar Inspire

3 Week FREE Beginner's Series

Wednesday, 5:30-6:30 PM

February 15, 22, March 1

Interested in trying Iyengar Yoga? These short, free, online classes offer beginners a fun and dynamic introduction to basic foundational poses taught by a rotating roster of our incredible IYCVT teachers-in-training. Each class builds on the previous class but classes can also be taken independently.

Iyengar Inspire classes are free! Classes are hybrid (in-person and live-streamed). Register through the link below and you will receive a link to the Zoom classroom or join us at the studio in person.

rose malasana.jpg

One Day Workshop with Rose Goldblatt

POSTPONED...Stay tuned for new dates!


Beginner/Intermediate Class: Freedom in the Hips

The hips can hold a lot of mental and physical tension and spending time working in this area can have profound physical, mental and emotional benefits. In this class we will focus on opening the hips and groins, doing necessary foundational work, planting seeds for future poses and trying a fews fun things! The morning workshop is appropriate for all levels. 

Intermediate/Advanced Class: Taking on Arm Balances

In this class we will learn to strengthen and open the body appropriately to work with a family of poses than can be daunting but also very empowering. Arm balances require strength and mobility, but also rewiring the brain to send the message to the body to figure out what to do. In this class Rose will share some useful tips to help you do things you never thought possible! This workshop is geared toward intermediate and advanced students. 

About Rose: Rose is a naturally gifted Iyengar yoga teacher who teaches attention to alignment in a variety of levels, from gentle to advanced. Her teaching is professional, yet soft. She is precise, fun and offers challenge, yet compassion. Rose’s love and dedication to yoga shines through in her teaching, and her students find sanctuary in the quiet calm that she creates in her classes.

Moving Toward 'Point Zero'

Weekend with Greg Anton

POSTPONED...Stay tuned for new dates!

Balancing Vertical Extension and Horizontal Expansion.

B.K.S. Iyengar writes in his commentary of sutra III.14 that "in asana, if the energy of the body is harmonized to a 'point zero' whilst in a state of tension, we reach precision." In this workshop you will explore ways of working with the body, breath, and consciousness in asana and pranayama to find that precision.

About Greg: 

Greg Anton, a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, has been practicing and teaching for more than twenty-five years. His practice along with his keen memory and precise instruction allow him to present asana in an extremely methodical and clear way and to weave the philosophy of Yoga through the fabric of the body. Greg served as president of the Iyengar Yoga Association of New England from 2009-2012. He lives in Provincetown, Massachusetts.


J. Vasistasana Horizontal.jpg

Past Events


Special Topics Tuesdays:

Feet and Knees

Join us the first Tuesday of every month for a deep dive into exploring different crucial areas of the body and the anatomical actions and basic foundational poses that utilize these parts. The format will be “workshop style” with beginner anatomy and discussion of modifications for common problems. We will focus on observing our own anatomy and patterns as a launching point for increased awareness and improvement in our practice. There will be time for discussion and Q&A so bring your questions!

Our first class will focus on the anatomy, alignment and movements of the feet and knees with an emphasis on standing poses. All levels are welcome. Current students may use their current class/session cards to attend (no pre-registration needed).


Elemental Awareness:

A Weekend With

Mary Reilly

Earth: Grounded with Lightness! Connect to the Earth element and draw the light into your cells.

Saturday 9 AM - 12 PM

Water: The body recharges through the circular flow of the Water element. Encourage circulation with forward and revolved asanas that open up blockages bringing you back to a refreshed balance.

Saturday 2 - 4 PM 

Fire: Experience the energy and joy backbends bring as they fan the inner Fire element, bringing warmth to your back and light to your heart.

Sunday 9 AM - 12 PM

Air: Light as Air, reaching the stars with your feet, come find your balance! Inversions strengthen the immune system, improve your balance, and create equanimity and stability in the mind.


Developing Daily Sadhana

“Sadhana” is the Sanskrit word for practice but it implies much more than just showing up on your mat. In these challenging times how do we learn to practice at home? How do we stay connected to ourselves and eachother? In this series we will focus on how to develop a home practice, how to tailor a sequence to fit your daily needs, and the major groups of poses and their benefits. Each meeting we will have time to practice, ask questions, and reflect on our progress. Weekly reading and journaling assignments will help you practice independently creating your own deeper sense of sadhana. A perfect way to commit yourself to your practice! 

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